Pizza Lunch

If your child is absent on pizza lunch day, call or text our pizza lunch coordinator (Lori, 514-889-1062) BEFORE 10am and leave a message. You have the option to pick up the pizza before 12pm – but a call/text first is required. Pick up at the side door of the gymnasium if you arrive after 11:20am (the office is closed during lunch).

  1. Home and School works hard every year to create the Pizza lunch schedule and try to avoid field trips and school-wide activities when we know about them. However, sometimes field trips end up on a Pizza lunch day. Should this happen, pizzas will be saved for an entire class or grade in their classrooms for distribution upon their return from the outing. The exception is for ski club trips – ski parents have the option to cancel the order for that day, or pick up before noon, or send home with a sibling.
  2. Pizzas are ordered from the supplier (Domino’s) one week in advance according to the received orders at that time.
  3. Cancellations or additions to an order can only be made up to one week (7 days – i.e. the Tuesday before) before a given pizza lunch date. After the order has been placed with the supplier, they will be delivered as ordered, and must be paid for.
  4. We deliver pizzas via homeroom assignments. Sometimes our children can be confused as to which homeroom they are assigned too as they see both of their partner teachers equally. This causes a lot of problems every year so please be absolutely certain to put your child’s correct homeroom on the order. The homeroom teacher is the one they have on Mondays. (We realize, also, that because pizza lunch is on Tuesdays, they are not with their homeroom teacher – let us worry about that – just be sure to select their HOMEROOM teacher when ordering.)

Online Ordering

  1. Orders will only be accepted through the website (that you’re on right now).
  2. You can order for multiple children in one order.
  3. You can pay online using a credit card or PayPal. We provide the option to include the online transaction processing fees with your payment so that your full purchase amount is received and applied for maximum impact on your child(ren)’s school experience.
  4. Or you can select cheque and send in with your child to school.
    1. Please make cheque out to Clearpoint Elementary Home and School
    2. Mark it clearly with your child(ren)’s name(s), homeroom(s) and the order number.
    3. Put the cheque in a sealed envelope addressed to Home and School, and your child’s teacher will get it to us.¬†We recommend sending in the payment with your oldest child.

      !!NOTE: We no longer accept post-dated cheques. Instead, just order the pizzas that you can pay for now, and order the remaining pizzas when you can. The order page is available throughout the school year. payments are to be made in full with each order.