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Our executive committee is comprised of volunteer members who have been nominated/elected to the following roles:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Membership
  • Secretary
  • Communications
  • Member-at-Large

Though these members tend to drive and support the direction of Home & School for the year, decisions that regard activities, events, fundraisers and the like are voted and decided upon by all present Home & School members in good standing and not just the executive.

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Throughout the years, we have been fortunate to have had a good mix of experienced Home & School members who know what’s tried, tested and true, and newer members who bring new ideas and insight to our ventures. All this allows us to provide continuous, evolving and effective support to our school community.
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Tayba Huot

Tayba Huot


My name is Tayba Huot, this is my 6th year on Home & School and my 2nd year as President. I have 2 kids at Clearpoint; in Grade 3 and Grade 5. The community feel and sense of family is what attracted us to Clearpoint and we just love it here.

I highly recommend joining Home & School if you are interested in being a part of a caring group of parents making a difference in your child’s elementary school experience.

Should you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to email me directly at clearpointhomeandschool@gmail.com

Angela Dandy

Angela Dandy

Vice President

I joined Clearpoint Home and School because I wanted to be present in my girls’ (Grade 3 and Grade 1) school community. I was welcomed with open arms. I really believe that it takes a village to raise kids and support the families. I have had the pleasure to share my journey with others and have not been disappointed.

Being a part of a committee with parents and staff who want to provide the best for our kids, has made school not just an educational experience but a wonderful way to get to know your community. Home and School is here to enrich the families at Clearpoint. This year especially. I understand the stresses of returning to school and it is essential that we, as parents, stick together and be there for each other.

I drop and pick up my kids every day, so please don’t hesitate to come chat and ask any questions. I wish everyone a safe and happy 2020–21.

Rean Lawand

Rean Lawand


Hi, my name is Rean and our daughter just started kindergarten at Clearpoint.

This is my first of what I hope is many years to come as being an active member of Home & School.

We considered Clearpoint as our first choice for our daughter a couple of years before she even started. We heard about the close school community from every parent we spoke to and we liked the IB aspect. We were a bit nervous as this was something new. However, in getting to know some of the parents and seeing how much Home & School does to support the school—on top of how great the staff is—our fears were alleviated.

From the start, I have felt welcomed and given the opportunity to be helpful.

Carloyn de Belle

Carloyn de Belle


Aalia Persaud

Aalia Persaud


I joined Clearpoint’s Home & School Association when my child was in kindergarten, because I wanted to be present, aware and part of the community where she would be spending most of her time for 10 months of the year. I was invited by a mom who went to the same local pool as us, and I am ever so grateful. 

I met a wonderful bunch of parents who were driven to see that their kids—and by association, all our kids—get the most out of their time here. These parents brought with them such a variety of career skills, home skills, contacts and ideas to meet any challenge that a public school could face with funding and general community support. What’s more, there’s a general camaraderie throughout that exists by bonding over children, families, celebrations, struggles.

I was very impressed by the backbone and sheer gall of my fellow members and was equally determined to bring something of myself to the table to support the community that my child is a part of. I found my place by voicing my opinions and suggestions at meetings whenever I could attend and by lending a hand whenever possible at events and fundraisers. Now I use my voice to share the voices of others with the Clearpoint Hands newsletter.

Sylvia Orthwein

Sylvia Orthwein



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