Clearpoint Annual Holiday Fair - Saturday December 7, 2019. 17 Ceder Ave Pointe-Claire.

Budding Artists – orders are now closed!

You’ll receive a reminder email when the orders arrive with pick up details if you indicated that you want to pick it up (or it’s too fragile to send home)

Recipes in a Jar Fundraiser is now closed.

You’ll receive a reminder email for pick up at Clearpoint Elementary School on December 4th.


Order at least one week before to be included in the next pizza lunch. If you miss the deadline, your child(ren) miss out on the next pizza lunch! (and you have to make lunches one more time than necessary! 😉 )

Volunteers are always needed and welcome to help distribute our pizzas at lunch.

Please always feel free to help – no need to sign up before – and your younger children are welcome to come with you.

As in past years, we always welcome new and returning parents to help us at Home & School. We have a lot of fun together and most importantly, we love making a difference in your children’s school experience and supporting our awesome Clearpoint staff.

All are welcome to join us at the next Home & School meeting – usually the second Tuesday each month** at 7:00pm in the library.

There is a small fee to join as a member that goes towards a group insurance plan to cover any events that we hold or participate in.


**Check our calendar to see when the next meeting is (sometimes they change nights or weeks).