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The Clearpoint Elementary Helping Hands Fund was created years ago to support students and families within our school community. Our hope is to provide each student with the opportunity to succeed and help build a broader sense of community outside of school hours. The Home & School Association has played a huge role in maintaining the fund and providing the necessary platform to fundraise for specific needs. Like all activities that support education, fundraising should reflect the values and expectations of the school community, including those of parents, students and staff.

Our goal has always been to support families within our school that are struggling financially, in the short or long term. Our school’s Principal works with the teachers and administration to provide the resources needed, including but not limited to school fees, household expenses, field trips, activities, supplies and other consumables. The family’s privacy is always respected and their identity remains confidential.

You can donate directly to the Clearpoint Helping Hands fund below.

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West Island Mission

Clearpoint Home & School Association has partnered with the West Island Mission to support local families in need. To find out more about the West Island Mission, please click here.

If you would like to make a donation to the West Island Mission, please click below.


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