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30$ per basket of 7 to 9 varieties of local, organic, in-season vegetables from Les Jardins Glenelm.
(image is for illustration only, not an accurate representative of what you will get)

1 time pick up at Clearpoint Elementary on FRIDAY, November 8 from 3-6pm

**Bring your own bags** to bring home your vegetables.

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Meet the family farmers from Les Jardins Glenelm that are growing our beautiful, delicious vegetables!

On our one-acre farm, we grow over 30 varieties of vegetables that rank among the best on the market. Our products stand out because of their taste, nutritional value and colour, rather than their ability to withstand long-haul shipment. Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, our Ecocert-certified organic vegetables are always deliciously fresh. We are proud to be family farmers!