Each meal includes an individual-size cheese pizza and a juice box.

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All dates:

  1. September 25th
  2. October 9th
  3. October 23rd
  4. November 6th
  5. November 20th
  6. December 4th
  7. December 18th
  8. January 8th
  9. January 22nd
  10. February 5th
  11. February 19th
  12. March 12th
  13. March 26th
  14. April 9th
  15. April 30th* instead of Apr 23rd
  16. May 7th
  17. May 21st
  18. June 4th

IF you see the below error message (this is an example only), you have attempted to add the same order, for the same student/homeroom combination twice. To add the same order for a second student, please make sure to change the name and homeroom (if applicable) before adding to cart again.

IF you would like to order more than one pizza per day for the same student, please add “1 of 2” and “2 of 2” after their name to make it different, and so we know it wasn’t an error.